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WAVEE is a platform for public information on human resources, projects and many more services, specialized in the web3 industry. We will continue to expand and spread a new token economy that is truly valuable.

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Supporting web3BB Tokyo event, WAVEE had an exhibition booth for the first time.
The invitation-only beta version of WAVEE is set to be launched.

Evolve from traditional job matching and the talent industry to the structure of Web3.

WAVEE is a fully invitation-based community creating a world where talent and opportunities connect in a DAO-like fashion. By expanding through invitations from remarkable individuals, it ensures the maintenance of information quality and reliability.

As an invited member of this community, we will deliver customized information to you. Let's also embrace and welcome new members into our community.


Current human resources industry structure

Profit from closed information


Newly aimed Web3 human resources industry structure

Profit through open sharing of information.


How it works

NFT is grantedon the unified platform

when a candidate is invited.

The holder of "Candidate A NFT" who introduced Candidate A can get a part of the referral reward that is generated when Candidate A is hired.


Strengths and features of WAVEE



Rights gained by a full invitation system

At WAVEE, we leverage blockchain technology to connect diverse talent and job opportunities. Moreover, we have established a system where the inviter receives referral rewards perpetually whenever the invited candidate finds employment, freelance work, or a side gig.



Chain of rights

There is a system in place where a certain percentage fee is earned when the "person referred by the person you referred" is successfully hired. By introducing highly-contributing acquaintances, you can unlock even greater returns from subsequent referrals.



The earlier you contribute to the community, the greater the benefits

When multiple people invite the same candidate, the person who first referred can have absolute rights. This system is designed to encourage participation more quickly, with greater benefits to those who are invited before others.



Contribute to your and your invitees future work.

For example, if you are a business owner who is not changing jobs, or do not know anyone around you who is interested in changing jobs, you are welcome to register and invite others to your company in order to expand your business opportunities. You and your invitees may find that you and your company or your invitees will be able to meet and do business with people who can help you in your future career.

WAVEE's vision / thoughts

Introducing the best work that is worth the person's value to the best people, and maximizes the added value generated throughout the world

People believe that they are excellent in some areas. However, it is another story whether it is in a place where it can be demonstrated as much as possible. By providing the most fit and active place for all of these people, productivity is enhanced, GDP in Japan as a whole, and the economy is activated.

We are aiming to increase the income of the whole person.
Moreover, by raising salary levels, We believe that Japan can regain attention as an attractive country globally and enhance its international talent acquisition capability.

Additionally, considering the significant advancements in machine translation and simultaneous interpretation, I believe that the hurdles to working in non-native language environments are decreasing. In this regard, we aim to integrate job opportunities and talent from around the world into our platform, becoming the starting point for providing the most rewarding work experiences for individuals worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q . Can I invite only Web3 people? There are many other people I would like to invite

Thank you for inviting me. At this time, we are only accepting people related to Web3. In the near future, we plan to expand it so that it is easy to use for people other than Web3, and we will inform you at that time.

Q . When and how will I get rewards for invitations?

The invited person gets a job (freelance, side job, job change, other company's project, etc.) on this service, and the requesting company Each time you pay for the Service, Rewards will be accumulated as rights to you who introduced a wonderful person. You can also make a deposit request at any time after paying the transfer fee. However, when changing jobs, we want to prevent mismatches and make it satisfactory, so in order to set up a partial refund system for companies when leaving a job for a short period of time, You will be able to withdraw the full amount six months after joining the company.

Q . What happens if the person I invited has already been invited and registered by other people?

I am sorry that the person who was invited first has been granted a token with absolute rights, If you are invited later, you will not be able to grant the invitation token and the right will not be generated. I would appreciate it if you could invite a nice person early.

Q . If there are people who want to support more than just registering, what can I do?

Yes. We believe that "evaluation and comments from a third party's point of view", which cannot be understood from the conventional story from the person's point of view, is very valuable. We are also planning to introduce a function to give such evaluations and comments. In addition, if the support and evaluation are strongly useful for individuals and companies, we are considering giving you a part of the token.

Q . I would like to know the details of which blockchain uses which token standard.

Polygon, initially using ERC721. In the future, ERC3525 (Semi Fungible Token) will be issued and swapped with the above ERC721. The reality of "granting a part of tokens" in the previous section is a mechanism that allows you to mint additional tokens in the same slot and receive rewards for the amount of value created in the ratio of all tokens in the same slot.

Q . Is it possible to register a job offer?

Yes, we will start accepting registrations around February to March 2022. In addition, for those who have provided information with the consent of recruiting companies other than their own We are planning to grant a corporate version token separately.

Q . When does the matching start?

Since we will start as soon as the number of job offers is accumulated, we will announce the timing again.

Q . This is not a network business, is it?

Yes, not at all. Network business and MLM are "multilevel marketing transactions", and the members themselves are accompanied by some kind of financial burden (ex. admission fee, product purchase fee, training fee, etc.) On the other hand, this service does not require a financial burden for such members, and is based on the hiring costs that the recruiting company normally pays, so it is a completely different business and a sustainable model.

Q . Will I be able to see the information of other talents?

Yes, general information will be visible. As in the previous answer, Please refer to it when commenting on strengths that you are not aware of by acquaintances you want to support. In addition, the function to send messages to those who do not have a direct connection will be limited to a certain extent.

Q . How far can other people see my information?

You can view the superficial career that can be registered at this time, and the detailed resume that will be created in the future will not be viewable by the general public. In addition, people from the company cannot view the job change/side job request status, and other people who can view it are limited.

Q . Will the tokens be transferable in the future?

Yes, I think this is a very interesting point! It means that "the right can be sold to other users who find the candidate attractive even before the matching occurs and the referral reward is generated." As a result, we will attract people who invest in the future of human resources over the long term to this platform. This trading platform is also developed separately from this service. In addition, when this token is eventually put on the public chain, it will be possible to freely transfer this token between individuals even in bilateral transactions. *Please note that this token is not a security, and there are steps to be taken when transferring it, but the platform can cover most of it.

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